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On the plan economic

The APFG intends to work to improve the status of women in order to elevate them to the rank of accomplished citizens, who earn their living with dignity, who are recognized and accepted as such in their community.

    • Theater: a means of raising awareness for the APFG (soaps, basketwork, pottery, etc.)
    • Shea butter
    • Cabarets
    • The sale of Soya Skewers: Every day groups of women prepare soybean skewers to sell them at the end of the day.
    • Micro Crédit

On the plan social

Details The fight against excision The APFG since its creation has undertaken wide awareness campaigns against excision, since 1992 the APFG has contributed to the retraining of 33 excisors in the Province of Poni and the deposit of knives at the museum de Gaoua by the ex-excisors in 2004. Another of the association's successes in this area is the creation of the association 'Si Fares Kala' which means in lobiri 'the abandonment of the knives'.

    • Training for out-of-school girls
    • Strengthening the professional skills of women
    • The fight against excision
    • Raise awareness of the importance of contraception
    • Sponsorship of underprivileged children

On the plan cultural

Address community planning and development issues

    • Theater: a means of raising awareness for the APFG (soaps, basketwork, pottery, etc.)
    • Organization of cultural days in urban and rural areas
    • Participation in radio broadcasts to reach a wide audience.

On the plan environmental

Reforestation,improved stoves's popularization, production of nurseries.

    • Popularization of improved stoves and gas in order to reduce wood consumption
    • Nursery production of several species of trees: More than a dozen spaces are produced. The largest nursery is in Gaoua and is maintained by the APFG environmental team. Some nurseries exist in the villages and are maintained by the village women.
    • Reforestation and the creation of green spaces: Green spaces are created thanks to nurseries.